The Completion Guarantee

Paterson James is a 100% independently owned UK company.  We supply a strong and supportive bespoke Completion Guarantee service to our clients, without risk of conflict of interest, relevant to the changing times in the Film and Television Industries.

We guarantee to the financiers of our projects (the beneficiaries) that for an agreed fee:-

  • the bonded script will be filmed, completed and delivered by an agreed date to a high class technical standard
  • in the event that the film goes over budget, the bulk of over costs will be the Completion Guarantor’s responsibility

Paterson James Completion Guarantee also provides an experienced resource for Producers, who ideally want two things from a Guarantor:-

  • proactive advice and support on a practical level when requested
  • comfort that monies will be readily available in the event that the guarantee is called upon

When working with Paterson James the production’s creative & financial teams have access to highly experienced staff who are on hand at all times during the process to supply technical advice, assistance and support as and when required.

The quality of any Guarantor’s legal team is especially important. Paterson James works non exclusively with Sheridans and Reed Smith. Both companies have extensive experience of UK, European and US productions in both Feature and Television Industries and a network of worldwide associates. (For more information see Our Partnerships).

Our underwriters are blue chip and London based; our reinsurers have many years of experience in the completion guarantee business and a proven track record in claims procedure.

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